DataLeak Sitcom. Data Leak was longlisted for The Funny Women 2019 Comedy Writers Award.

Uber people pleaser, Emma, has her life thrown into disarray when her phone is hacked and all her secrets, little white lies and embarrassing Google searches are leaked to loved ones and the press. To make it worse, she’s in the public eye, so EVERYONE knows.

Data Leak explores what would happen if you were forced to be honest all the time, and what would happen if all your old lies came back to haunt you.

SpoilerAlert Comedy short film script. Finalist in the 2017 Shore Script Comp and the 2018 Cinequest Short Screenplay comp. 

Broken-hearted Craig visits a psychic in search of answers, but she is not quite the guru he expected.  She is something far far worse.

The Birthday Party Black comedy short film script. Finalist in the 2017 Kevin Spacey Artist of Choice Awards.

Upbeat tour guide, Sally, throws a birthday party for one of her tour group. Shame the other attendees are more concerned with the impending apocalypse.

Stages Comedy short film script. Made into an iShorts film funded by Creative England.

A straight-talking female comedian falls out with her play safe boyfriend when she behaves inappropriately during a tedious business dinner.

Francie & Frank Comedy feature Script. Shortlisted for the ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship.

Perpetual daydreamer, Frank, longs to be an award-winning journalist just like his hero Lois Lane, but has been stuck in arrested development since his mother died. Then he meets the eccentric Francie, and her dark past might just be the story he needs to kick start his career.

New Girl Spec Script

I wrote this for a script competition, and also for fun due to my undying love for New Girl. If you disagree with me, you are wrong and I will fight you.