Comedian. Performer. Writer. Film-maker. Kinder egg fan.

I’m a member of the 2019 x BAFTA crew, a handpicked list of up and coming filmmakers, as well as being an invited participant in the ITV 50:50 scheme, aimed at increasing the amount of female TV comedy writers. I am also a BFI funded writer, who has a play called Don’t Be Terrible going up to the Edinburgh Fringe with The Pleasance. The Royal Court said the show had the ‘most sophisticated and functional use’ of stand up that they had ever seen employed in a stage play.

My short film script The Birthday Party, was shortlisted for The Kevin Spacey Foundation Artists of Choice award in 2017 and in 2018 I wrote the screenplay and accompanying novella for The Last Faust, directed by Philipp Humm (Chief Executive of Vodafone Europe, T-Mobile USA and in senior roles at other firms, including Amazon). I’m also proud to say Neil Gaiman describes me as a “good sharp writer”.

I have taken two critically acclaimed one-woman shows to the Edinburgh Fringe (Jean-Luc Picard and Me, and It’s Better to Lie Than to Tell the Truth and End up Alone in a Ditch Crying)

I run the Time Out recommended comedy fan fiction night Dear Harry/Spock, which is niche and wonderful, and sometimes I interview filmmakers and comedians like Julian Barratt and Simon Amstell for Q&A sessions at cinemas.

I can write something for you, host something for you or perform something for you. Get in touch.