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Tales from the Fringe 3

Yesterday was an interesting one. After a mostly potato based breakfast at The City Cafe, I did an afternoon of slightly lacklustre flyering, (energy levels steadily becoming depleted, I keep dreaming about weird things, like having animals for shoulder pads, and also fuck these hills)

I then did an interview with the BBC for their love festival site (I know guys…. the freaking BBC) which should be up by Wednesday. They wanted to see the head but unfortunately it was locked up in the venue, so they had to make do with my head instead. (The head looks more and more like a paper mache testicle every day – it is slowly becoming a thing of paper mache nightmares and I am worried it is going to kill me. I am going to destroy it at the end of the last show, lest it bring forth the paper mache apocalypse. I shall shed a single tear as I hold my hand over its paper mache mouth to stop it taking its last breath)

I also dreamt last night that a cat was curled around my neck and it was nice. Really nice.

The show went a bit hilari-lolsome yesterday though. The venue was still locked up at 4:55 (show starts at 5pm) and a small group of peeps had gathered outside. I had to inform them that it looked like the show was possibly not going to take place, and I wasn’t too sure what was going on. I suggested we all go and have a jolly nice time at the pub instead.

So a few of us headed to the pub.


Then Jade informed me that in fact the venue had just been opened, and if I rattled through my show and got in/out quickly we might be able to just do it. Oh, we moved with lightning fast speed to the venue to set up, and by this point I was a little bit (rather) pissed due to the wine I had just gulped down and then decantered into a lovely plastic bottle.  The audience who could stay rushed over to the venue, and a performance was done. It was intimate, slightly drunken and it was bloody lovely. I want to have a drink with all my audiences before the shows from now on.

Then me and Jade, as is tradition, came back to the flat to watch some more Agent Peggy Carter with our other flatmate Tom in our pajamas. He is staring in The Accidental Adventures of Sherlock Holmes as Watson, hence the lovely facial hair.


Famous people seen yesterday: Barry Cryer, who was waiting for a bus. Don’t know which one.

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