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Tales from the Edinburgh Fringe:2

So I may have drunk more diet irun brus in the last 4 days then is recommended by any doctor.

The second night of the show we had 15 people in (WOO) which is apparently the most the venue has had over the run of the fringe, which is amazing obvs. My performance was not the best (little bit dodge) and I found out after that there was a reviewer in. Eeeeeeeek. I keep flashing back to the moment the reviewer left – as he was leaving, was he smiling and giving me a thumbs up and a hi-five? Or was he shaking his head sadly and mouthing “you didn’t make it show.”

I have learned soooo much in the first three shows though. Some of the jokes aren’t  quite working here, falling flat and contributing to the performance as less “bittersweet reflection of a slightly warped childhood,” and more “women has weird nervous breakdown on stage whilst talking to paper mache head.” I mean, I am cool with that, but it can make people feel a bit awkward, if there are not the lols to balance it out.

I have decided to cut a few bits out of it, and last night was much better for it. I feel like I’m learning how to perform much better by giving myself permission to perform… well less. To relax into it more. Be sad. Be human. Have a little bit of wine before I go on stage.

The venue where I am doing my show is a really amazing place though. It’s called The Stafford Centre, and the staff are brilliant. Really kind and warm. The centre itself assists people with mental health issues living in the Edinburgh area, and I randomly met a volunteer there whilst enjoying a frappuccino outside Starbucks last night (it’s my post-show treat, alright guys, I bloody love coffee frappuccinos). We had a nice little chat, and he told me about a classic rock radio show he runs there, and how much of an impact the place makes on people’s lives. If you want to go on to website and donate them some money, that would be really lovely.

Oh. And Jade totally met Dara o’briain whilst we were flyering outside of Austentatious.


So she is currently winning the Famous Person Game. (You get a point for each famous person you spot, and 3 if they are either super famous OR super famous to you. It’s a fun Fringe game to play) (and no, seeing someone on stage does not count.)

I also got to see Max & Ivan and The Beta Males last night – they were predictably excellent. Now I am off to have a haggis based breakfast before another day of flyering and frappuccinos.


I hate to end on a bitter note but I was informed the other day that The Voodoo Rooms are not serving the Buckfast and Irun Bru Fringe Cocktail anymore. It has been a staple part of my fringe diet for the last couple of years, and I am outraged.


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