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A Million Questions for Peter Engel

A Million Questions for Peter Engel

Now Mr Engel, my first question is a six part question –

How carefully did you research the varying cultures which made up the nationalities who attended USA high?

Did you ACTUALLY visit any of the countries?

Do you ACTUALLY know any British people?

Who was the dialect coach for Ashley and did they go on to be Don Cheadles dialect coach in the Ocean Eleven films?

Is your knowledge of British people based on the satire Three Men and a Little Lady?

Did you write the California Dreams theme tune?

If not, why?

If so, how?

Was Murray Updyke from Malibu CA on drugs, or was he mentally handicapped?

Were you bummed that Screech didn’t make you executive producer for his sex tape?

Did Mr Belding’s part get cut from that sex tape?

Sorry, I’d forgotten you weren’t executive producer on the sex tape.

If you were executive producer for the sex tape, would Mr Belding have been in it?

If so, would you have given him a starring credit, or a ‘and featuring Dennis Haskins as Mr Belding’?

Would you have ever fired Screech if he lost his curls?

Would you have ever fired Mario Lopez if he lost his curls?

Would you ever fire Jesse Spanau if she lost her curls?

Is that why Saved by the Bell ended?

Was Mr Belding very very depressed?

In Hangtime why did Teddy claim he was giving up smoking, accept help from his friends but during a group meditation scene sneak off to smoke a cigarette out a window? Why did he not simply wait until they cleared the room?

Bill Clinton appeared in that episode. Did he approach you, or did you approach him?

How did you feel when you found out that although he did not inhale, he had responded to peer pressure thus meaning he ‘didn’t get’ the episode he epiloged.

I have a friend who is taking drugs. Which episode of City Guys should I show them.

I have a friend who is addicted to sleeping pills. Which episode of Saved by the Bell should I show them?

I have a friend who is just given up on life. What episode of California Dreams should I show them?

Was Saved by the Bell the old testament, and Saved by the Bell:The New Class the new testament, and if so was Mr Belding God?

Was Zach Lucifer?

Was Mary Magdalade Kelly?

Who was Jesus? Was it Tracy, the porn star, from Malibu CA?

Why did Zach and Kelly get married so young? Did their parents pressure them into it?

Why were they not married at university, despite getting married in Hawaii? At what point did the honeymoon end?

Did Lisa ever recieve money or donations to date Screech?

As a girl in the 90’s you taught me that breast size directly related to intellect and talent. I am now grateful for my small bossoms, as it means I am great at sports. I am aware this is not a question.

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