Comedian. Performer. Script-Writer. Film-maker. Kinder egg lover.

BAFTA x crew member 2018/2019 & former bass player in Los Campesinos! Her short film script ‘The Birthday Party,’ was shortlisted for The Kevin Spacey Foundation Artists of Choice award. Her other short scripts have been shortlisted for the Shore Script Short Film Award (2016 & 2017), Cinequest Short Film Award, and she was in the semi finals for the Screencraft Screenwriting Fellowship in 2018. She is an iShorts BFI Net.Work funded director and writer with her short Stages, which was screened at LOCO comedy film festival and London Short Film Festival amongst others. It is being streamed on Comedy Central here.

She writes and narrate video essays for The Discarded Image about pop culture and film.

She co-wrote her first feature “The Photographic Memory Recalls the Highlights of the Year, with Tom Betts, based on her short of the same title, for Western Edge Pictures. It was supported by The Wellcome Trust Development Awards.

She hosts film Q&A’s, and was lucky enough to do one with Julian Barrett and Simon Amstell. She can host your thing.

Ellen Waddell’s last two full length comedy shows, ‘Jean Luc Picard and Me,’ and ‘It’s Better to Lie than to tell the Truth and End up alone in a Ditch Crying,’ have both sold out London and Bristol runs, been part of London’s Tellit Festival, and done the gauntlet of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Her new play ‘Don’t Be Terrible’ is a meta-hybrid of stand up and theatre, co-written and directed with Oliver Milburn, was the sleeper hit of 2018’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

She performs comedy and storytelling around London like a tonne. She wants to do more. Book her for gigs.

Read her interview with VICE magazine, or watch her on the BBC

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One thought on “About

  1. Just saw your ‘show’ tonight at the Wardrobe theatre, amazing. I would like to be your new best friend if you will have me.
    But seriously, what a brave, funny, relatable, and inspiring tale, my friend is going to lend me Star Trek.
    Sarah x

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